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Support Coordination

NDIS Support Coordination is a service offered to NDIS participants that provides assistance with planning and accessing supports to help them reach their goals.

The Support Coordinator will work with the participant to identify their needs, access the right supports and services, connect with the community, and develop the skills and confidence to manage their NDIS plan.

The Support Coordinator will have an understanding of the NDIS and its processes and will be able to provide advice and guidance to the participant. I can help you get the right reports for plan review time so you can get the funding you need to live your best life.

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

Psychosocial recovery is a term that refers to the process of rebuilding a person’s mental and emotional well-being after experiencing a significant psychological trauma or mental health condition.

This type of coaching helps individuals who have a psychosocial disability to identify and achieve their personal goals, with the intention of helping them to live a more meaningful life. The coach works with the individual to build a personalized plan that includes identifying goals, strategies, resources, and support networks.

Through this process, the coach also helps to increase awareness of the individual’s strengths and abilities, providing a sense of empowerment and control over their own life.

Capacity Building & Training in Self-Management & Plan Management

Supports the participant to strengthen their self-management skills relating to their NDIS funding and supports.

For people who do not have Support Coordination funded in their plan, this may be an alternate option we can explore if you have sufficient funding in your Core budget.

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